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Ways To Remove Negative Thoughts

What are negative thoughts and if I at any time should I be affected with pessimistic thinking should I be concerned. Yes is the answer. The more positive you are in thought will certainly help dampen any off-putting hold me back negatives which restrict you from living a decent life, Negative thinking has seen man or woman, who, ideal for a job post lose it before having had chance to secure it, because they believed they were not worthy enough.

Any negative thoughts you have about your self have to be dealt with sooner than later for health and happiness to prevail and more importantly prosper. Negative thinking can affect a relationship.

Cognitive restructuring can help a person identify and challenge overly simplistic, negative thoughts that cause pointless distress. Not a healthy combination, negativity and stress, in fact both very destructive factors. To lead what one would call a normal life will entail you change your way of thinking. What is a normal, normal is having belief in your self which in return will help you to venture forth and cope with the wicked ways of the world and the people in it? To help cure your way of thinking is easier when the thoughts are clearly untrue: e.g. “I never do anything right,” It’s harder when there’s an element of truth mixed in with naive lies: “At my age, it’s to late its over; there is nothing out there for me now.” You can stop there right now; the pope is proof, candidates for this position – 65 years and over. If you have a dream or goals then do something about it

There are four elements you can follow to prevent stress caused from negative thoughts:

1.Stop and take time out to think positive (mental time-out).

2.Control your breathing. Breathe in taking deep breaths slowly to help release growing tension.

3. It may sound silly but ask yourself some questions.

.... like is my thoughts belief or true? Do I make hasty decisions about myself? What evidence do I actually have that I am worthy of the cause? Am I letting negative thoughts stand in my way? Look at situations and view them in a different manner. What would be the worst that could happen? Some people find the healing process (managing thoughts) all too much and opt for the easy way out continuing to put them self down and worse still permitting others to follow suit. Ask yourself that if I did not think this way where would you be.

4. If distortion is the root of the problem, can you identify this and let go?

Practicing relaxation techniques may well be the course of therapy needed. If your problem is genuine, ask what steps you can take to manage? It takes much rehearsal to restructure negative thoughts. What is that saying “A leopard never changes its spots” I beg to differ, if you want something badly and that something can change your life for the better then may the leopard shed his coat?

Remember to be yourself, do not snub reality or take on a false identity. Regularly it’s possible to move your focus toward the positive, rather than lodging on the negative. At other times, you can acknowledge an agonizing truth without losing sight of the larger, more positive portrait. For example, “I should be practicing a relaxation response system daily” or better still “I “want” to practice a relaxation response system daily. If you feel sick don’t let the illness get your sympathy vote, feeling sorry for yourself is not a cure. Negative thoughts usually result in “I feel sick today and there is nothing I can do, hold up, of course there is. Think of what is the best way to treat your condition. Think of the available medications to relieve the pain. If negative thoughts are deeply inset, then you must speak to your doctor or an experienced mental health expert. More people are turning to therapies which include dealing with the mind and body and are bouncing back to reality. Put the bounce back in your stride as you jolly your way onto a new way of thinking.

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