Jumaat, 4 September 2009

Some Tips for Making Money

Here's a short checklist of things you can do to increase readership, traffic, and overall visibilty on the internet. These things are all must haves if you expect to make money!

* Write well and write often
* Write what you know and what you like writing about
* Stay with your general topic, and be informative
* Answer comments kindly and promptly
* Never make lame excuses for not updating
* Keep your site neat and orderly
* Your site should be easy on the eyes and easy to read
* Toss out the trash regularly by deleting and blocking spam comments
* Use social bookmarking icon links for Reddit, deli.cio.us and Furl and many others
* Use Technorati tags on keywords in your posts
* Make sure your readers can reach you by email or web form
* Don't have more than 2 or 3 posts showing on the front (index) page
* Make sure your site loads quickly with no major errors
* Frequently check your site in all major browsers for appearance and readability
* Leave relevant comments with your return link at other sites
* Good content is most important
* Don't distract from content with excessive buttons and blinkie ads in sidebar
* Use relevant images in posts, don't over do it

Those are the most important ones I can think of at the moment but I'll probably add more in the future.

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