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Breastfeeding is really benefiting

Benefits for Mom
  • You may experience delayed menstruation and suppressed ovulation.
  • You will miss fewer days of work because your child is healthier.
  • You have an opportunity for bonding.
  • Breastfeeding protects you against ovarian and breast cancer, as well as osteoporosis.
  • During breastfeeding, prolactin is released, which is naturally calming.
  • You can experience a faster post-birth recovery.
  • You won't spend a lot of time preparing bottles.
  • You will save money.
  • Traveling is easier when you are breastfeeding.
Benefits for Baby
  • Protects against future allergies.
  • Diapers are less offensive.
  • Studies show your baby could have a higher I.Q.
  • Provides protection against diabetes.
  • Helps develop jaw and facial muscles.
  • Transfers your immunities.
  • Your milk is made especially for your baby based on his individual needs (in both quality and quantity).
  • Can help protect against SIDS.
  • Breast milk is easily digested.
  • Your baby could have fewer respiratory and ear infections.

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