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Produa MPV- coming soon

Picture of the Toyota Passo Sette / Daihatsu Boon Ruminous which will be the base model of the upcoming 2009 Perodua MPV have been leaked all around the internet recently.Both the Toyota and the Daihatsu is to be marketed in the japan. The Passo Sette and the Boon Ruminous will compete with the upcoming Proton MPV which is expected to be released early 2009.

The Toyota/Daihatsu will be competing with the Proton MPV as a Perodua which is actually the Perodua MPV rumours which had been around for quite some time.The Malaysian version which is the upcoming Perodua MPV will be launched in Malaysia on the third quarter of 2009 which is just around half a year after the launch of Proton MPV.

Eventhough the the Toyota/Daihatsu/Perodua is smaller than the Proton MPV, it will be a tough competitor to the Proton MPV with the clever utilization of the interior which makes the interior roomy and spacious then it looks.

The MPV will be powered by a 1.5 liter 3SZ-VE engine which will drive the front wheel.For the Perodua model, the engine to be used is yet to be confirmed.Most probably it will be powered by a 1.5 DVVT engine.Minor alteration will be done to the MPV as a Perodua MPV such as the shifter location which maybe would be changed to the most common position in Malaysia’s car, between the seats.

The TOYOTA PASSO SETTE/DAIHATSU BOON RUMINOUS will be introduced on Christmast (25 DEC 2008) and expected to be priced between 1.45-1.80 million yen (RM56,174-RM69,636)based on the current currency rates

The price for the Perodua MPV is not confirmed yet.But the price should well under RM80k for it to compete with the upcoming Proton MPV and the current hot shot the Nissan Grand Livina and the other competitor such as the Naza Kia Rondo and the Cherry Eastar.

source : http://kereta.info/upcoming-perodua-mpv-toyota-passo-settedaihatsu-boon-ruminous-picture/

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