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Nutritional Needs Of Children

1. How important is nutrition to children?

Childhood years are critical years in which a child develops in terms of size and physiological functions. Hence, a balanced nutrition is crucial and any nutritional imbalances (deficiencies or excesses) can have adverse impact on their growth, development and immune system.
2. Is there a need for a particualr nutrient for their optimal health?
The general food pyramid can be used to meet children’s nutritional needs as they are designed for age 2 onwards. However, appropriate serving size for each food group must be administered, especially in relation to their body weight and physical activity level. In addition, the rule of food variety also applies to children for a balanced nutrition.
3. Do children need multivitamins?
When children have difficulty in getting a balanced nutrition from their daily diet, multivitamins can be considered. Multivitamins may be taken to complement daily diet, not to replace main meals. It is also important to consult proper advice on the type of supplement that a child can take.
4. What are children’s main nutritional problems?
Nutrient deficiencies and nutritional excesses are the culprits. Common nutrient deficiencies are protein and energy; minerals, especially iron, zinc and calcium and vitamins, especially vitamins A and B. Deficiencies can result in retarded growth, poor physical and mental development and performance and frequent infections due to poor immunity. Meanwhile, too much fat and carbohydrate intake can lead to overweight and obesity and increase the risk of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers later in life.
5. What are the causes of nutritional problems?
The main causes are lack of knowledge, inavailability of nutritious foods, poor eating habits related to psycho-social development and selective eating. Parents and caregivers must understand that children’s nutritional needs must be met in order to reduce the risk of nutritional problems.

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